Mongolian kids

The goal of Mongol Music Archive is to capture everyday uses of traditional music in the daily lives of Mongolian herders. As a general shift from nomadic to industrial and urban lifestyles occurs in Mongolia, it is important to capture these moments and performances. While traditional music will remain part of Mongolian culture with or without nomadic herding, these performances exhibit something that staged performances by professional musicians cannot. Herders sing about actions they carry out on a daily basis, the environment they inhabit, and use songs as tools to calm and train their animals. This project aims to preserve a specific aspect of Mongolian music to serve the tradition as a whole.

This website is a culmination of the work Dimitri Staszewski started during the Spring of 2013. He is currently back in Mongolia on a Fulbright-mtvU Scholarship and will be continuing to collect content for this project. Dimitri is a recording engineer, producer, and adventurer from San Francisco. He enjoys merging his passions for creating multimedia content and exploration and has found a temporary home doing just that in Mongolia.

To learn more about Dimitri’s work see his personal website itsdimitri.com.